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Brush Pen Calligraphy workshop

Calligraphy workshop

*The India Pen Show*


*Brush Pen Calligraphy*

When? – Friday, 18th January 

Where?- Studio Pepperfry, Bodakdev, Ahmedabad | 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Who?- 10 yrs and above

You Know what??

It’s FREE!!!

(Registration is compulsory)

Calligraphy – A Visual Art for your eyes – A term derived from a Greek word which simply means Beautiful Handwriting. It’s simulating, rewarding and a very satisfying form of Creative handwriting. So its very essential to progress with a right approach to attain the right knowledge and fulfill your soul with satisfaction.
Here, introducing you to the vast world of Calligraphy, I take the pleasure to teach you ‘The basics of Brush Lettering’. I assure you , you will never leave a chance to write a personal note to your loved one’s, once you master this skill and being complimented for the same!
So All the Best and Happy Learning 😃

WHAT YOU WILL GET: 1) A colourful set of brush pens 2) A folder to keep your materials. 3) Miniscules and Majuscules worksheets and extra sheets for practice.

Presented by-

*The India Pen Show*

in collaboration with

*Studio Artopolis*

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