Delhi-Brush Calligraphy Workshop

Italic Calligraphy


*The India Pen Show*


*Italic Calligraphy Workshop.*

Come and enjoy this beautiful, mindful and relaxing method of Art.

When? – 15th December 2018

Where?- South Delhi, CITYWALK MALL.

Who?- 8 years and above

You Know what??

It’s FREE!!!

(Registration is compulsory)

This workshop is an introduction to one of the most widely used style.

Benefits of the workshop-
1.The concept of thick and thin with the calligraphy pen.

2.Basic fundamentals of the Brush Pen Calligraphy.

3. Uppercase and lowercase of the Brush hand Calligraphy.

4.letter height

5.Pen Angle.

About the trainer-
The Brush Pen calligraphy workshop will be conducted by Shweta Moorpana ,
a renowned calligraphy teacher who has been teaching and conducting calligraphy workshops.Her mastery in this skill has enhanced the hands of many teachers and students. She has the capability to operate all calligraphy tools at one go. She has the vision to carry on the tradition in this computerised world.

Presented by-

*The India Pen Show*

with collaboration with

Shweta Moorpana


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